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Here you can learn about Audio Production and Applications that are using in producing music in a fun and effective way.
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Now get Intro to Pro Tools for Musicians. You get the online course content and the class meetings! Contact Brad to find out when the next class will start!

Pro Tools is an industry standard. That's great because if you produce in PT, you can bring your sessions into bigger rooms for all sorts of things. Tracking final vocals, editing with tools you don't have, engineering expertise, mixing. And painlessly I might add. It allows you to keep some of the processing you've already done, or even change it later. That's because you don't have to bounce or write in any processing, like when you've used another DAW. Flexibility!

The only thing is, how to get to a point with Pro Tools, that you can assess your song? You'll need to do some mix. That means using busses, routing, managing CPU resources and a million other things. So how do you learn all that stuff? Whoa, you're going to need to read thru that huge manual AND understand it all! Yikes! You could go online, and that might help a bit. You know what would be cool? If you have someone that's an expert, you could just contact. Hey, you have one question you can't figure out. If you could only have someone to ask. You could email those guys online, but you need to know now. Right now, or the creative flow is about to stop dead in it's tracks!

Well, now there's a opportunity for you. While you're learning just what you need to know, you have an expert to contact when you need it! AND, you're able to meet with them each week to go over topics that need special attention.

Wow, That's fantastic! Learning AND human contact! Just like a college course!

Yup, just like it! Only it's the best of both worlds. You have your online class, to learn important stuff. Then you can nurture that knowledge "in person" with the instructor. At the studio if you desire. If you can't make it to the studio meetings, you can meet online in a Google Hangout. 

Now you say, "That must be a million dollars!"

Nope! It's a lot less than college tuition, A LOT LESS!

This course is taught using Pro Tools 10. Although much of the information applies to any version of Pro Tools. A lot of the topics are covering areas that apply to all DAW systems, and demonstrate the area in Pro Tools 10. Pro Tools is not needed to enroll in this course. However, some version of Pro Tools is highly recommended.

Topics Overview:

1     General introduction to Pro Tools
    Midi Files
    Instructional Video's
    Pro Tools 10 Session Creation

2     Playback Engine + Session File Management and Organization
    Basic MIDI, Virtual Instruments in Pro Tools

3     Pro Tools IO setup, Input and Output paths in Pro Tools
    System Configuration
    PT Disk Allocation
    Track types Intro

4     Track types
    Channel strip
    Working with audio and MIDI
    Master Fader Channel Strip
    Midi Channel strip
    Instrument Channel Strip
    Edit Window Channel Strips

5     Song Template
    Adding tracks
    Track routing setup
    IO busses
    Click track and alternatives
    Track colors
    Managing Plug-ins
    Input monitoring
    Punch recording

6     Virtual Instruments
    Playback Engine
    Using presets in libraries
    Managing the Click track
    Grid Mode
    Track grouping

7     Frequency Spectrum and EQ
    Components of sound
    Sine Waves
    Tools to Visualize the Spectrum
    Spectrum Analyzer
    Audio Filters
        High pass
        Low Shelf
        High Shelf
        Band pass
        Parametric or band pass

8     Dynamics Processing
    Side Chain and Key signals
    Average Level
    VU Meter
    Metering Tools

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